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Campbelltown Food Trail - Foodie Treats Tour In Suburban Adelaide

If you had have told me that the neighbourhoods of Adelaide are rich with multicultural food experiences before I attended the Words To Go conference, I surely would have scoffed at the suggestion. Despite going to visit the Australian city of churches on an annual basis, I usually only scratch the surface on what this city has to offer. But I can now tell you there is amazing food, all ranges of treats from all corners of the globe on offer! And the Campbelltown Food Trail is the way to sample many of them, for a day out.
A community project, the businesses of Campbelltown City Council are benefiting from a clever idea of running tours around the area to taste their wares - a council showing off their top qualities, in a pretty lovely way!

There are 21 businesses on the list at the moment, and we got to sample six of them, including morning tea and coffee, plus a lunch stop.

After the drive out to the North Eastern suburb, we stopped at Java Lifestyle Coffee and Tea, for coffees and churro treats to start the day.

Next was the olfactory pleasures of Mercato. The nonnas above were sitting, rolling pasta among the shelves of every pasta type you could image. The smells of this Italian gourmet food emporium were heavenly. From cheeses and wines, to coffees, deli goods, and sweets.

Our third stop was a wholesale cake store that was run by a very proud Latin American patisserie, Elbio, and his All About Sweets. A tour of the mini factory was part of our visit, which had us sampling decedent Postre Chaja, Massini Chantilly, and other equally exotically named cakes. We were also present just as the Lovingtons were being dipped into chocolate, and their coconut layer was being added. You can surely imagine the smells filling this room!

Our mini bus then ventured into residential streets, away from any shops or stores, and pulled up out the front of a house. The whole bus was puzzled when we were invited to jump out, and visit a home here.

The Kumar's Indian Cuisine Services is home based, serving home cooked Indian curries and savoury snacks - from their home, aptly labeled The Kumar's At Number 20! Once inside we met the family, as dish after dish was laid out in front of us.

Lunch was three different and delicious curries, with rice, and pakoras. Finished with the surprisingly sweet jalebi - a red coloured curly swirl of sugary treat!

Next up, as our stomachs very getting very full, we stopped into Salta In Bocco, which is another mini factory producing almond breads. The fig and pistachio was a hit, in it's curling, crisp and colourful form.

Amazingly, lastly we had a proper lunch stop, with a sit down restaurant experience at Assaggio, a Mediterranean inspired cafe. Wine and tapas sized tastings were served, alongside pizzas which were very good.

All in all, a very full day trip in Adelaide, pun intended! Such a delight to experience so many tastes, but also to meet and hear from the people behind the businesses. Each visit oozed the love and care each of the owners put into their food, and shed warmth onto their visitors, making them welcome to sample and discover their wares. A really great community run foodie experience in the suburbs!

Jouljet Notes
Serious Tip: Don't eat beforehand, as you'll need room for all the treats available to sample
Time: Campbelltown is about a 20 minute drive from Adelaide city, and our tour of 6 locations with tasting and purchasing stops, was around 5 hours
Cost: A bus tour, like we took, is around $60, depending on how many there is of you, and how many stops you want to make. Or you can download the map of places, pick out the ones that spark your taste buds, and drive yourself!
Quirky Tip: Call ahead and pre-arrange a visit to the Kumar's onto your tour selections if you can. A very entertaining, and delicious stop!

Being a participant at Words To Go, I was lucky to be included in this tour as part of the experience. But all thoughts and flavour recalls are all my own!

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