Monday, September 29, 2014

Nuku'alofa Market Stacks

The sights of vegetable wares in Tonga were colourful and perfectly portioned, ready for purchase. As I walked along the main road beside the harbour from the outskirts of Nuku'alofa into town, I passed a long row of little stalls set up, displaying their goods.

They were presented on tables and permanent stalls in little purchase-size stacks. From tomatoes, big and small, to baskets of taro, bundles of corn, and neatly aligned carrots.

Yer man here has neatly tied up, even bundles of fish, presumably caught that morning. Ever vigilant with that stick, to keep the flies away!

The scenes at Talamahu Market, right in the heart of town, looked so ordered and uniform. Little piles of each vegetable, carefully lined up and awaiting to be claimed.

Missing the usual chaos of a main food hub anywhere else in the world, the Market was quiet and calm, regardless of the steady flow of people in and out, completing their weekly shop.

One of the main attractions on Tongatapu, the Market also has sections of handmade gifts and jewelry, among the smells of fresh seafood and meats, clothing and everyday basic needs upstairs, as well as a kooky selection of touristy souvenirs.

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