Friday, September 05, 2014

Greatest AFL Footy Game Ever

Being away at work for tonight's Qualifying Final at the MCG is heart-breaking. I have asked around to find the best place to watch it here after work, and Jane and I will draw battle lines and struggle to get through the game after a touch week and rotation retrospectively. There is also a possibility that the island will still be out of beer!

These games, between Hawthorn and Geelong are just so good! Being there 2 weeks ago for the Hawthorn win in season was pretty amazing - just wish I could be there and see the same tonight. Alas!

In our preparation for the Preliminary Final last year, to slay the titan that is Geelong - the team that had at that point beaten us in every match since our amazing 2008 Grand Final win (that’s 11 cracking, but heart-wrenching games!) - the sisters and I had watched the two GFs that we beat Geelong, including the epic and brutal 1989 win. And watching it again left us with no doubt that it is the greatest game of AFL we will ever see.

They just don't play football like that anymore!

The brutality is actually shocking, after being so sensitised to such play seeing the modern game. The hits, the tackles, and of course, those opening moments where Brereton went down. And then amazingly got up, heaving for air...moving back to the forward pocket, and somehow taking that mark and kicking a goal.


The emotion of this 1989 game is so intense. Watching it brought back memories about where we were for it - with Mum being there.

In the Finals month last year there was also a documentary about this match, having many players from both sides interviewed and recalling specific memories of their own. The vivid image of the story of Dipper and Dermie sitting up in hospital together the night of the epic win, will be one that stays with me.

Such an amazing victory, which could have gone either way. Such amazing footy memories, and legend that makes Hawthorn the club it is today.

Here's hoping for a similar victory tonight - but hopefully far less brutal! Go Hawks!

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