Sunday, May 31, 2009

Adelaide Football Weekend

Having booked flights for this weekend back in December, in Grand Final hangover state, it seemed like a good idea at the time to go and watch the Hawks play Adelaide in Adelaide. I am really not sure, sometimes, why we put ourselves through it! Melissa had to ditch the trip in the end, to wow her employer, and so Mum and I met up at the airport on Saturday afternoon for another trip away together this year.

Checking into our room at the Grand Chancellor, before having brunch along King William Road and wandering up and down Rundle Mall for the afternoon. After spending the most money at Haigh's, which seems to be an Adelaide footy trip tradition, Mum and I had dinner at the Pasta Palace (a cricket trip in Adelaide tradition!), before some time at the casino for Mum.

After a lazy 9 hours sleep for me (on a weekend! Amazing!), Mum and I had brunch before finding our way out to AAMI Stadium on the shuttle. We met a very hungover Jenny, and Michelle, before finding out seats in a sea of Adelaide fans.

After missing the first Hawk goal from Buddy, we certainly didn't miss the next 5 from assorted Adelaide players, to ensure that the day was not ours. The goals flooded for the Crows, with lone standout from Rioli dribbling through at our end, warming us up briefly.

As the scoreboard become more painful, Mum received a gift from a seagull above.....and then it started raining. Bloody Adelaide for the footy...why!!!???

The highlight of the weekend was perhaps watching the team check in for their flight, which actually happened to be Jenny's flight. Mum and I flew home very jealous....with Tim Rogers two rows ahead our only consolation prize. We were not even quarantined for swine flu, after a woman behind us was unwell all the way home.

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