Thursday, May 28, 2009

Yves Klein Blue

Last night after work, Dan and I met Nicole for a quick bite along Swanston Street, before ducking across the road to the Toff In Town for Yves Klein Blue's single launch.

Having a drink in the bar on the left side of the second floor before doors opened, we then found our spot on the floor to this sold out gig. Not quiet as many people crammed in as I would have expected, but plenty of music-types, with Oh Mercy band members and even a Wiggle amongst us!

This four piece band from Brisbane started with Michael hidden away on keys to the side of the stage, before he launched into the second song from front and centre. Engaging, he talked to the audience, and had us enchanted with his energy.

At one point, he declared that their borrowed equipment was experiencing issues, leading to the rest of the band leaving him on stage, and he stepping away from the mic, to shush the crowd. He then played a track acoustic from the edge of the stage, soon jumping down and playing in the middle of the floor, with the crowd parting to let him through. Taking time to meet the crowd face to face, and belting out the song so the room could here, this performance was impressive!

Back up on stage with the band returned, they played Silence Is Distance, before the new single from the upcoming album, Getting Wise. They couldn't really finish without playing Polka, which they did after Michael declared 'ok, one more!'.

A great show, another exciting young Aussie band about to become very big, surely! With engaging gigs like that, and a national tour about to start....very big things ahead!

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