Saturday, May 16, 2009

Baroq House

Pulling Baroq House out of the pack for this week's Project 2009 destination, talk around the office was that there would be a full on dreass code, and that we may not get in. Being Michelle's last day at Konekt, and personally having a day at work where cracking the beer fridge very early was a threat, there were many pre-drinks had before the group stepped out.

A big group from work, Alissa, Bec, Nikki, Bree, Steve, MJ, Tara, Sarah, Michelle and I walked down to Drewery Lane, and straight into Baroq House. Being asked if we were just here for drinks, as opposed to what I wasn't sure, we were let in, no questions asked, no judged look at jeans.

Mainly because it was empty! And our large group filled the dark, ornately decorated band room. It did start filling up as we got into our second round of drinks, including an Australian Idol within the room.

Melissa finally dragged herself away from work to meet me at the bar, in time for Steve to come and announce the Hawks were two goals up, giving us our cue to leave the Project in search of a pub with the footy from Perth showing.

We wandered down Swanston Street, and found a big screen in the Oxford Scholar, known to us from Nikki's pubcrawl. A jug of beer got us through to a Hawks win against Fremantle, and back to our expected winning ways.

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