Sunday, May 17, 2009

Harpoons and Components

Last night Nikki came over for dinner, chats and drinks, before we grabbed a tram up Lygon Street to meet Nicole at the East Brunswick Club. Walking into a fairly empty band room, we watched as a young garage rock Shaman Son punished our ears.

A few dirty white's to numb the pain, we made our way to the front half of the room, ready for The Harpoons. Having seen none of them at this point, and with no activity on stage for set up, the lack of movement started to get alarming. Soon Jack come to get things started, but it was soon clear that our little band were not feeling ok about being up there. Bec emerged, but was very reluctant to get started, and revealed that Marty, their drummer, was yet to arrived. The boys coaxed her into getting started, and Marty arrived towards the end of their first song.

Having been anticipating this gig all week, it was so exciting to hear the harmonies and Bec's amazing voice through tracks like Everywhere and Faith. For the last song, Garden City, of the 30 minutes set, there was dancing and energy from the crowd, making it all the more disappointing that we didn't hear more of them.

The headline act soon filled the stage, The Ground Components were complete with a Colombian bongo player, trumpeter, Sri Lankan bass player, and loud and crazy lead. They demanded your attention, with lyrics belted out at you, a South American groove feeling, and overall catchy feel to them.

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