Friday, May 29, 2009

The Order Of Melbourne

Late nights and stress, and a bit of work, allowed me to finally submit my Supervision Plan for the consideration by the Psychologists Board of Registration Victoria today...and thus, much needed Friday night drinks were sough for the end of the month.

The Order Of Melbourne was drawn out of the pack for the Project, and whilst avoiding the sections of central Melbourne blocked off after a gas leak during the day, Mary and MJ, Bec, Alissa and Lana joined me as we walked to the bar.

Admiring the stuff animals all around, we found a table for a few drinks, before going upstairs for a peek at the much reviewed rooftop. Tiny and cold at this time of year, this would be a great place an a warmer day.

Mary, MJ and I then ducked in next door, to have a drink at Red Love. Much colder in here, because of the balcony, this bar was busy and had many big group functions here. A mix of early 90s music kept up entertained for a drink, before we called it a night.

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