Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Monday Night Football

After a dismal showing for my own team on the weekend, and the prospect of the Monday Night footy experiment, I talked up the footy all day at work...and got one willing participant!! What kind of place am I working in!!??

A Collingwood fan, MJ was talked into going, and thus as darkness was falling over Melbourne, we abandoned the office for a few pre-match drinks, back at La Di Da, discovered as part of the Project. We then made our way to Etihad Stadium for the clash with undefeated St Kilda.

Much had been written in the press over the week about the Monday Night experiment - that it was too hard for families, too hard for fans who would have to travel, and that it just wouldn't work. Well, close to 48,000 showed the AFL world that this was all just not true. People came, suits, families, school groups, making the scheduling of games like this a real possibility moving forward.

The little family in front of us astounded with the endless supply of food Dad brought out at quarter intervals - Mum had clearly worked all day to ensure Dad was to take the four boys, plus a friend, to the match. Rolls were filled with hot dogs from a Thermos, then at halftime they all got a pie out of warm stacked individual tins. Popped popcorn was their 3/4 snack. Unbelievable!

This little family was certainly a distraction for MJ, and the dismal display for her team out on the park. St Kilda were a fast moving, well skilled machine out there, and disposed of any hopes for the Pies after a gallant first quarter. The Saints looked the goods, and put on the type of display I was looking for. They looked like we did for the last half of last year....the Saints look to be marching in!

Halfway through the third quarter, MJ said we could leave at anytime, she'd seen enough. But sadly, I don't leave during a match, not matter what...I think she's still speaking to me!! Hee hee!

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