Thursday, August 04, 2005

Agencies and artifacts

Being disappointed that work wasn't lined up for me upon my arrival back to the UK, I was starting to dismay about it all. I have started the agency trail that most people on arrival to London follow, and plastered my CV out to anyone who will take it. Now that any planned trips have come and gone, I can now look for some more solid work, and forego flexibility for decent pound!

I have gotten a couple of calls already, and sat through an interview yesterday morning for one such agency. But I don't know. I mean, I did get the junior HR chick - but I am still not sure what kind of work they would send me out to! The differences in terminology and service provision between Australia and the UK is going to be tricky to navigate. We'll see what comes up.

Yesterday I also caught up with Lyn, who is stopping over in London for a bit of a rest after her big South American adventures. We met for a beer and some lunch, and an exchange of BookCrossing books, and then joined a London Walks tour for the British Museum.

The tour was two hours of highlights of the museum, which meant that our guide walked us to the most famous piece in one of the rooms of the 13 acre collection, told us about it, told us about all the other interesting things in that room, and then led up to the next one!! Just showed us that you could spend weeks in there! The centre of the building, with the roof joining the Reading Room with the rest, is quite gorgeous.

Despite both being mortified at the amount of looting these collestions represent (no wonder some of the ancient ruins are in place anymore - they're in museums!!), we got to see the Rosetta Stone, which was the piece that helped crack the Egyptians' hieroglyphics. Quite amazing. Among other wonders and ruins, we also viewed Ginger and the Lindow Man. Wow! So facinating!

Now, Active have since come up with the goods with a 4 day assignment, out in the sticks. Apparently I need to cheer this client up and take him to the pub - life's hard!!

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  1. Good that you managed to catch up with Lyn - guess she will be just about on her way home now!
    What happened to the cricket - were you there jinxing us! It was a very exciting ending anyway.


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