Thursday, August 25, 2005

Hump day

One week down, one week to go for this assignment. And counting! Some of these clients are just a lot of work!!

I have this assignment, a night off, then they have managed to squeeze an assignment into my last 10 days before my one month's notice is up. That's nice of them!! Just have to think of the money!

So - the 10th of September I get MY life back!! Won't have to live someone else's for a short period. Phew!
Counting down the days now.

I did think it would be kinda cool to live someone else's life for a bit, see what's it's like, do what they do, experience it all from someone else's perspective. And it has been interesting. But it has reaffirmed that my life is actually pretty good at the moment - and I am not just talking about being disability free. Quiet enlightening, really.

Bring on the cricket to make the rest of this assignment fly. Go Aussies!!

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