Thursday, August 11, 2005

I sign, and I quit!

After a rather depressing and harrowing work assignment (the guy was hard work, and very sad), I am back in London for a bit, trying to sort some bits and pieces out.

I received a call from the company that had offered me a position back in May, saying that they are keen to sign me up and get thing started. I have been out to the office, been given the offer formally, and have today signed on. Woo hoo!!! A real job, with real money, and quite impressive career prospects. The position is at Health and Case Management Limited, and I'll be working as a Rehabilitation Case Manager. I start the middle of next month.

So, after 6 months working with Active Assistance, I am putting in my resignation today. Cool!!

I can't believe I have been doing that work for 6 months. Well, on and off, with a few trips here and there! But now, with the fear of UK winter approaching, it's time for head down and bum up, and to earn some real pound!

All a bit exciting!


  1. Hooray! Well done chick! Let's have a beer!

  2. Any excuse for a beerYA right!

    Congrats Tash!

  3. Woohoo! Real money!! Congratulations and have fun. :)

  4. Fantastic news! Congratulations. No excuse required for beer!(or wine)


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