Sunday, August 14, 2005

Man' oh Man'

On Thursday I boarded the megabus for the 5 hour (!!) journey from London to Manchester. After getting a call from the lads halfway through my trip to let me know I missed Warney's 600 wicket, and a little reminder that I missed the 500 by 2 tests too (thanks Chucky!!), I was certainly over the long trip! But after finally getting there, checking in to our accommodation, the Colombo gang were back together for a weekend of cricket!

Friday morning we geared up and headed for Old Trafford for Day 2 of the Third Test of The Ashes. Sitting 3 rows from the front, seats were great, and we were set for a big days play. After hearing from the boys what the day before had been like, I didn't quite believe what they were telling me - but soon found out it was true. The crowd is unbelievable! The abuse!! The ribbing!! The things thrown at us!! It was like being at a Collingwood match, but worse. Like being at those early Adelaide games in Adelaide for the footy! We coped a canning!!!

Grossly out-numbered, and with the English team belting us out in the middle, our Aussie flag was not at all appreciated by the crowd. Ash coped the most, being the irrepressable flag waver. Even Brett Lee coped plenty when he was fielding quite close to us. (More photos.)

I'm quite stunned at the English crowd behaviour actually. And if I am called "shelia" one more time, I just might slap someone!!

We didn't have tickets for today, and had actually prayed for rain so we wouldn't feel so bad - and we seem to have got what we wished for!! It's bucketing down here today, and hasn't looked like letting up yet.

Was keen to look around the city today, now that I have finally recovered from a day of beer consumption. Although the rain is a bit of a put off. Hopefully it will ease a touch so I can got for a wander.

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