Monday, June 26, 2006

Royal Ascot

Yesterday a big group of us went to the races! Royal Ascot is steeped in history, fashion and high stakes - apparently!! I was just there to enjoy the day out!

After showering and dressing in the morning, I was attacked with hairdyer and powder brushes, and whatever else, by two of my housemates (thanks Toni and Nata!!), before trekking down to Chantal's house for our pre-racing breakfast gathering.

Champagne, bagels, cream cheese and salmon, the gathering was the perfect way to get charged for our big day out. We then caught the train out to Ascot, and finished off our travelers on the way.

Having quite a large group, once we got into the Silver Circle area, we all seemed to disperse, and in between drinks and walking around, and soaking in the sun, the task of regrouping was an effort!

Usually I've been to the races back home, and have never seen a race (usually concentrating on people and drinking! You know how it is!). But yesterday I surprised myself by actually watching at least two races!! Hee hee!

Selecting my dress in the first store I went into after work on Friday night after work, it was still shocking to see about 12 other girls in the same dress in the Silver Circle! There were a group of dress clones actually, not just my little number. (More photos)

When the last race finished, we took some time in the shade tent for some much needed respite from the sun, before heading to the massive pub just near the Ascot train station - which was so much fun! People mingling, mucking about, introducing themselves to anyone and everyone - everyone was just brimming with the good day that Ascot put on.

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