Sunday, June 04, 2006

Visiting Nat in Copenhagen

Friday night after work, I hurried out to the train, to get out to Gatwick to catch my flight out for the weekend. Upon check-in, I was told that there was an hour delay, which was actually better than most others. Sitting in the lounge, I went through passport control, which was choas, and was then called over the loud speaker for the last call - opps!

Arriving into Copenhagen, and figuring out the train into town (so easy!), and met Nat at the station. Having been drinking on a pub crawl for several hours, Nat was in top form when I arrived - and then she lead me to the current pub, to meet her posse of Danish boys. Drinks with the group, sampling the micro-brew and then onto the Carlsberg.

Yesterday morning we ventured out from Nat's cool apartment, to a local cafe in her young and funky suburb. The Laundromat offered one of the best breakfasts I have had....very yummy! Battling the rain, we bussed into the city, and walked through the cobbled main shopping streets to the port side of town.

We walked passed the current residence of the Queen, and had a peek in the Marmorkirken, after hassling the royal guards for a photos. We were instructed to stand 1 and a half metres away! I didn't really expect them to talk, let alone direct us about what we were allowed to do!

We then walked down further, and had a look at the infamous The Little Mermaid, a statue inspired by Han Christian Anderson's fairy tale. The poor little mermaid had the problems of her story, and now has to endure tourists climbing all over here, and random vandalisms!

We catch a ferry across to the other island of Copenhagen, where we walked through the area called Christiana - a former free state, which has a very other world feel to it. Activist and protect, mixed with an underbelly of unrest - walking through reminded me of Soweto, actually.

Back into the city, and the parts of the world govern by law, we found Reef 'n' Beef, and Australian restuarant for dinner. Quite posh, and not quite the real Aussie tucker, we had emu fresh spring rolls and crocodile wontons for starters, and then the barrimundi for mains. Washed down with a strawberry daquari. Good service (you kinda of notice after London!!), although a little exy, dinner was yum!

Still fully daylight after dinner, at about 8pm, we headed into Tivoli Gardens, a huge amusement park in the middle of the city. Walking around the fantasy park, it was lit with pretty lighting all the way around. We reminded ourselves about the fairytales written by Hans Christian Anderson, via a cute little ride in a flying truck. But that is where the tame rides ended!

The Mine, The Spinning Tops, The Monsoon, The Dragon, we subjected ourselves to being thrown around on these rides. We then watched the Tivoli Fairytale show in the middle of the Gardens, which again went through the beloved fairytales of HC, and feature huge puppets and fireworks. We then got serious, and went on the 80 metre tall Staflyer. Not sure about how scary it would be, we joined the line up. About three people in front of us pulled out as we waited, as we watched the ride and rationalised how easy it looked, it was then our turn, and we were strapped into our seats.

Not scary at all, it was like a giant swing up high in the sky, with an awesome view of Copenhagen city at dusk. The other real trial of the ride was the tempurature at that height - it was freezing!! Hee hee.

We finished off the night with a spin through The Demon, which was two minutes of terror, being hurtled through the air at 77kms an hour. All in a days work!! (More photos)

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