Friday, June 02, 2006

Small & Beautiful

Today is Toni's birthday, and to celebrate we all headed out for dinner at a local find of her's.

I overheard her asking directory assistance for the number for Small & Beautiful to make our booking, and she had had to explain further to get the right place, and so she had ended up saying 'Small and Beautiful, you know, like me!' Hee hee! She's gold!

Walking up from our flat, up the other end of Kilburn High Road, we discovered many new places along the way. Small & Beautiful is a cute little restaurant, which had gotten great reviews on the net, and was within budget for all!

Nicole, Nata and I were joined by some of Toni's mates who live across the road, for dinner and drinks. Cake to top off the evening. Happy Birthday, Tones!!!

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