Wednesday, June 07, 2006

There's Something About Mary

Sunday morning greeted us with sunshine in Copenhagen, as we headed out to visit Frederiksborg and the Royal Palace out there. Easy transport around Denmark, we travel straight out, and had lunch by the lake.

Facsinated by the story of Crown Princess Mary, and the story of her meeting her Prince in a pub in Sydney...every girls dream, finding a prince and being whisked off to a giant palace, and living happily ever after, isn't it? If a little country girl from Tasmania can do it...!! And in the land where fairytales such as The Little Mermaid, The Princess and The Pea Thumbelina and The Little Match Girl are aflood, Denmark is certainly the place of such a story!

Princess Mary is easily the most interesting Australian at the moment, and the emergence of the knowledge and adoration of our Mary is apparent when chatting to the Danes. Despite keeping our eye out, not one spotting of our Mary when I was over...maybe next time!!

The Frederiksborg Palace is gorgeous, fairytale-like, and set next to a lake amoung amazing gardens. Out the back (!!) is one of the world's best baroque gardens. Such a nice place to raise a young prince!!

At the moment, there is an Australian Exhibit on within the Palace, educating the Danes about the background and culture of there Crown Princess. Was very interesting to see who and what was included - regular not-quite-Aussies such as Russell Crow and Mel Gibson, as well as the usual suspects, such as Kylie, Nicole and Cate. Some interesting inclusions like the founders of Lonely Planet, and also the inventer of the black box for airplanes. This exhibit also had the two commissioned portraits of Crown Princess Mary, looking most royal and polished!

After our walk amoung the royal gardens and a coffee stop, we headed back into Copenhagen for dinner.

Yesterday after another awesome brunch at The Laundromat Cafe, I experienced the Metro of Copenhagen, which is certainly a sight itself! Nat directed us to sit in the front seats of the front carriage, cos it is a driverless train, and sitting there you can watch us travelling through the tunnels. Weird!

A wander through the gardens of Fredensborg Palace in town, just as the rain started coming down, we then headed over for photos with the Carlsberg elephants at the brewery, before I had to head out to the airport, and return to London. (More photos)


  1. shame on you Tash! Idolising someone because they married well. There are much better role models out there.

  2. Like who???

    She is also being noted as one of the biggest spending royals in Scandanavia....surely that's something to be admired!! Hee hee!

  3. Good to see you are still watching the Bulldogs v Hawks game.... I'll have that beer soon please... C


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