Monday, October 02, 2006

Game on at the 'G

In the early hours of Saturday morning, I left the house and set off on two night buses to get to Slug and Lettuce in Fulham, to watch this year's AFL Grand Final.

Meeting up with Toni, Clare and Ben at 4am, we settled in for our first pint, ensuring a good spot in front of the big screen for the game to be beamed in from the 'G in Melbourne.

This is the first actual match I have watched, despite many attempts to see replays of others during the year. After quarter time I ventured over to watch a half with Renee, Rachael, and Shae in a similar vein as our possie last year. Seeing the same match up as last year, I was going for the opposite result this year.

The final quarter was game on, and a really good match till the end. Back over with Toni and crew, we watched the excitement unravel from the other side of the world. Some brilliant 1%er work by our man Chick, and the game, and the premiership was West Coast's - by a mere one point. Renditions of their terrible song (it's really bad!), and then many typically Aussie anthems were sung, until we left the dingy pub into the daylight, and home (although I am unclear how that really happened! Opps!).

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