Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Sweden for George

This weekend I went to Sweden, Stockholm and Uppsala, to see George Michael in concert. Visiting Camilla and little Miss Ella, and staying in Uppsala where we were for Christmas last year, was so lovely.

I flew out of dreary London around Saturday lunchtime, to an even colder, and darker Sweden. I treked through the buses to get to Uppsala, and meet Miss Ella for the first time, and caught up with Camilla, who I haven't seen for years. Hanging out with them for the night, and next day was really nice. I took Ella for a walk, and got to see Uppsala without the snow of last December!

A home cooked meal (first for quite some time!), after meeting Johan, and his parents, I was absorbed into a Swedish dinner. Camilla and I then went into Stockholm, and found the Stockholm Globe, in the Globen complex, for the concert.

Wanting to see George in concert since I was quite young, I have fulfilled a dream! And was not disappointed! He looked good, sounded amazing, and grooved for most of the night.

The show started with his Waiting as an intro, of which the lyrics were really poignant given George's position in life, and his reflection of it. The show then kicked into Flawless, and then Fastlove, which were full on dance tracks, and awesome. George was in full grooving form, and was looking fine in his black suit. The graphics on his big stage screen were very cool, although the young eyes looking out of the birka for Father Figure was quite naughty!

Speaking of naughty, his inflatable prop of Bush during Shoot The Dog, and just before his 20 minute interval, was George's politics of the evening. The heartrending tracks like Jesus To A Child, and You Have Been Loved showed how great George's voice still is, and songs like Faith, Outside and Amazing were brilliant, and why I have always loved George!

The Swedish crowd were very into it, and knew the words to sing along, which always make a concert great. They even knew the more obscure tracks like Star People and Spinning The Wheel, and helped George out with his only fluff during Careless Whisper.

Very much a goodbye feeling to the concert, with a full selection of all his tracks, and a thank you to the crowd for their support throughout his career. Fingers crossed he comes to Australia, and I get to see him again! He was amazing! One of the best gigs I have been to.


  1. Hey. In the words of George himself, if you're going to do it, do it right....
    Hee hee!


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