Saturday, October 21, 2006

Hanging out in old London town

I have had quite a lovely week, catching up with people, despite the winter weather and darkness creeping in.

Tuesday night, Charlotte and Laura and I met Hilary in the city, at Momo for dinner and drinks. Apparently a place for cool people and stars - we just hung out for a good gossip session and a general catch up! Food was Morrocan, and very yummy! Red wine was very good too! I had forgotten the ordeal of travelling into the city though, on the train and then the tube - how quickly the memory blocks! Such a mission.

Wednesday night Charlotte and I went off to see The Departed, after hearing rave reveiws. Brilliant movie, loved it. Haven't seen a movie that envokes a real stress response for a long time! And Leo was very good...

Last night, Charles took me to the theatre for my impending birthday, to see the long-running musical Blood Brothers. A story about twins seperated after birth, and their experiences growing up in two very different family, and socio-economic environments.

Quite a depressing look at the hard working class English experience. For quite sometime during the show, adults played the role of seven year old, which was a little odd. The actor portraying the mother of the two boys was fully into her role, and played the full emotions...and poor Marylin Monroe got a workout in the song sung throughout the show. Was quite good, and amazing to think that this production has been going for so long.

The narrator in this production was quite creepy, and funny, popping up throughout the show, speaking rather than singing, and just geerally being a presence.

Thanks heaps, Charlie!

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