Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Rubiks Cubed

On Saturday night many of us made our way to Nathan and Fletcher's house party in Raynes Park, under the Rubiks Cube theme. The notion of wearing every colour from the rubiks cube was quite hard, and needless to say, looked very silly on the train. Red jacket, blue jeans, white shoes, orange hoody, green top, and yellow scarf. Looking good!

Jelly shots in the eight colours, and many drinks later, the idea was to swap around till you made yourself one side of the cube. (More photos)

I think I did quite well, while continually watching the location of my beloved red leather jacket, I managed to deck out in a green jacket, green hat, and eventually swapped white shoes for green! A little tricky to get the jeans swapped, and perhaps not quite enough alcohol consumed for that level of participation!


  1. Sounds fun!!

  2. Jelly shots in eight colours? Tell us please, what are the eight colours on a Rubik's Cube?

  3. Well, I remember having at least 8 shots! Hmm, but now that you mention it, perhaps I am not too clear on the colour distinctions though....


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