Monday, September 01, 2008

100 Buddy Goals

Yesterday I attended two matches of footy back to back, one at the MCG and then one at the Telstra Dome. The last round of footy, and what a big day!

The first match was North Melbourne and Port Adelaide, and I went along to accompany Steve to one of the few matches he has been to all year on his membership. We convinced Nikki, new Melbournian from Sydney, to come along, and we met in Fed Square before making our way along the Yarra to the 'G.

A woeful game in the end, but so nice to watch one without any emotional involvement at all, the Roos were beated horrifically - to the point when Stevie wanted to abandon - which we did for a pot at Transport, before covering the length of the city for the next game.

Sold out in general admission and standing room, the Hawthorn v Carlton clash was set for a big game, with the possibility of Buddy kicking 100 goals for the season, and a slim chance that Fevola could do the same from the other end.

As the game started, Buddy on 98 kicked his first fairly quickly - and then the decision to move downstairs from the top level for the run on the ground to congratulate him was on amongst our group - to run or not to run! Much media coverage all week had been given to the strict security measures, and the massive fines to be dished out for anyone out on the a nagging reminder about my doctor's advice not to run, nor put myself in a risk environment (like being crushed out on the Telstra Dome in the Buddy pack!)...but also my fellow attendees reluctance, we didn't move...

90 seconds later, Buddy has the ball again, and sails it through for his 100th goal this season. A massive feat, given his inaccuracy, but also given the length of time since this feat has been managed. Up on our feet and cheering the accomplishment - and watching the crowd stream on, unharmed. Devastated I didn't run out - I mean, we did it for Dunstall many times over!

The excitement of the ton over, the Hawks set about winning the last game of the season by 70 odd points. Poor Fevola, having many a chance throughout the game, kicked 7 goals, and finished the season on 99. Buddy Franklin becoming the first indigenous player to kick 100 goals in a season, and setting the stage for a massive finals series, with Hawthorn finishing 2nd on the ladder.

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