Friday, September 26, 2008

Hello Boys! Grand Final Training

This morning, Mum drove down from Ballarat, and then we drove out to Waverley Park. Parking arranged by the club at Monash Uni, with buses for the masses, we grabbbed a park and a spot on the brown and yellow decorated bus to see the players go through their last public run before the big match on the weekend.

The streets around the ground were streaming with Hawk fans, kids in their jumpers, little Buddy's and little Crawf's everywhere. Going to the ground that was our home game for many, many years was a little trip down memory lane, with houses where the car park once was, and half built homes around the oval, where we used to sit every week.

We joined Melissa and Rick amoung the crowd, which swelled as former players were around us, and interviewed over the loud speaker. Clarko was the first to emerge from the race, to a massive cheer.

Soon the team were running out, after a 'Happy Team at Hawthorn' was sung, and the lads were put through their paces. No issues from where we stood, all accounted for, and all moving fine. Very exciting! Much discussion around about selection choices, and what the different training drills and groupings were indicating for the big match.

After about a 45 minute run, with goal kicking practice looking very good - Ozzie drilling his freaky kicks, and Young and Brown bombing them in from just outside the centre square, the boys slowing came in, to massive cheers. Buddy first, who stopped to sign autographs.

Shane Crawford, of course, got the biggest cheer, and stayed out amongst the faithful the longest. So excited for him, and his Grand Final berth.

Once the session was over, and we were returned to our car, we headed to Chadstone Shopping Centre for lunch and a wander around - and happened to see Hodgey, Croady and Goo (Guerra) walking around out there too. Hello boys!

It's just wrong that Jessie and Jenny aren't here for this. Silly girls!

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