Friday, September 12, 2008

Out Of The Question!

Last night four of us from work went down to the Docklands Channel 7 studios for the filming of Out Of The Question, since Mary had free audience tickets. Having not heard of the show (in all honesty!), the offer of complimentary drinks got us in on the adventure.

We were greeted at the door, and before long Mary, Bree, Stacey and I were invited to take the front row in the studio...clearly the most appealing of the gathering! How funny! The crowd was ushered through back stairways to the studio, after the warm up address by Brian Nankervis - and front row was very close!!

The audience warm up was pretty funny, including a call to Bree's mum and a crowd message on her answering machine, along with other challenges throughout the breaks between filming.

The show's host Glenn Robbins welcomed us all, and explained that since being axed last year, Channel 7 were looking to give the show another shot. All very self depricating, and funny, he was very polished, and a real gentleman to the crowd. His guests for the night were Ed Kavalee, Marty Sheargold and Lawrence Mooney, all from radio, and girl of the moment, Virginia Gay, from All Saints.

Set up as a quiz show about current affairs, or events in the last week, the show was played out and filmed in front of us, with commerical breaks taken - mainly for conferences on what worked and what needed adjusting - and for Brain to stir up crowd participation.

Right at the end, after a substitution to allow Marty to return to the birthing suite for a pening arrival, and a test segment, they announced that this filming was a test run, so probably won't be shown. Bummer! We were right up the front, hard to miss!

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