Saturday, August 16, 2008

The Basics and Little Red

Thursday night I attended my first gig of The Basics' A Month of Augusts residency at The Evelyn. I met Mary at the door, and we joined Nicole inside.

Now, after chatting to my GP the week before, I had been reassured on the drinking front that "consistant" drinking is allowed, for my warfarin levels to combat my DVT. Clarifying this, it means I can have one drink 3 or 4 times per week, every week. The key in consistancy, and not overdoing it with each session. This I can do! And so I had my first post-DVT beer before while Scumbag from The Sophisticants entertained the crowd with his crazy and over-energetic hip moving dacing!

With a Basic here and there, mingling through the crowd, I savoured my Boags through Smurfinger, who we had also seen at The Empress last month.

A great set, with Wally De Backer brilliant on drums and vocals, as always. Ghost band member Dave was on stage for the set, and the banter between Wally, Kris and Tim showed that these guys are loving playing live right now. Playing from their range, adding in new tracks from a promised album, and then mingling in a bit of Mariah, and then an awesome cover of New Kids On The Block's The Right Stuff. Such a fun set! Mary was very impressed, and has been spreading the word at the office ever since.

Last night after work, I got the train out to Richmond and met Nicole, Belinda, Ruth and Danny at Mexicali Rose at the end of their meal, before we made our way to The Corner for Little Red. The girls have raved about this band for many months, thus I decided to go along for a listen, sight unheard.

A sold out show, with a solid, young following for the Melbourne band, my verdict was that they aren't my next big favourite band, but they put on a good show. A five piece group, the tracks and change in tempo and vocal strength of Quang Dinh made the gig for me.

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