Monday, August 04, 2008

Boy A and a Swedish Vampire

Today I have seen two films as part of the Melbourne International Film Festival, and they have both been quite good. Am really enjoying the movie overload!

This afternoon after a lazy morning, I met Rick at the RMIT Capitol Theatre for Boy A. A British movie, along the line of thinking about the James Bulger case and the boys released from prison after serving their time - Jack assumes a new name, outlook and life, hoping to put his past behind him since his release. Delving into the ideas of rehabilitation, and the experience of traumatic memory - the flashback start out very realistically, and then are used to fill the audience in about what it was that the boy did that led to his incarceration - I was bracing myself for it!

After enduring the mild clapping after the film, we went to the Lounge so I could watch Rick have a beer! Melissa joined us, and we then went across the road to Ghin Khao Thai on Swanston, to meet Jenny, Garath and Emma for dinner.

Rick had discussed the notion of clapping after a movie in the cinema a couple of weeks ago, and having caught the MIFF addiction, has reported back after most of his viewings with confirmation of clapping. Odd! Who are these people! When I saw Men's Group I understood the clapping because the producer and actors were in the audience...I don't get it otherwise though!

After our Thai dinner, Melissa, Rick and I made our way to Greater Union for Låt Den Rätte Komma In (Let Me in)(Let the Right One In). A Swedish horror movie with the review stating:
“One of the strangest, stickiest, and (yes) sweetest horror movies I’ve seen in 10 years.” – Cinematical
I selected this one as another trip down memory lane for my travels to Stockholm - and the scenary of white snow atop of bicycles and windowsills did not disappoint.

A full Sunday evening cinema were enchanted by the young vampire coming of age movie, with cute and funny interactions, and bloody killing scenes - something for everyone! The music was certainly overkill at times, but the bond between Oskar and Eli was indeed sweet and lovely.

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