Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Hawks at Subi

On the weekend, we flew to Perth for the footy, some sunshine, and a catch up with mates over there. A trip booked the day before I knew what my leg cramp was all about, and long before it was apparent that Lance 'Buddy' Franklin would be on track to kick 100 goals this season, the flight loomed as scary...but the chance to see footy at Subiaco Oval, and potential for a history making match, made sure I went anyway.

Having a dinner after work to see Jo off on her travels before her new job within Konekt, Rick and Melissa picked me up in the city, for our airport run for our late Friday night flight. Having half a beer at the office, on an empty stomach, I was shamefully flying when I got in the car, and thus, excited and silly about the trip ahead. Warfarin and alcohol - what a combo!

The 3 and 3 quarter hour flight in little Jetstar seat space made me antsy after a couple of hours of being still, but thankfully the flight was not full, and I could sit in the aisle behind us and stretch out my gimpy leg. This is what got me over to WA without having a panic attack about my DVT, I think, and thanks God for that! Flying is scary - considering it was the cause of this medical mess of mine in the first place!

Taxi in from Perth airport to our central hotel - with a cringe at the bad, bad karaoke downstairs, the time difference hit each of us, and we crashed for the night.

Awake to sunshine and light from our window, we watched Olympic highlights as we planned and readied ourselves for our free day in Perth. We walked through town to the station, and was then directed to a bus to get to Scarsborough, for brunch and to meet up with one of Rick's mates. Kelly soon joined us also, and we took in the sun and beach in front of us, as we all caught up. We wandered along the foreshore after brunch, taking in much needed Vitamin D for us deprived Melbournians.

Moving along the coast to Cottesloe, Rick, Melissa, Kelly and I settled into the pub for an afternoon session at the pub, looking out over the sea, and soon watching the sun sink into the water. Charmaine joined us, and we headed across the road for dinner.

Sunday morning we again awoke to sunshine, and took in an awesome Aussie Gold for pole vaulting, before making our way via train to the suburb of Subiaco for breakfast. Watching the game back in Geelong live at the pub as a warm up, we then walked over to the stadium, and found our seats a row from the fence, in the forward pocket.

Buddy needing 6 goals for the ton, we were in prime position for a run on the ground to congratulate the lad on this feat, if he got it. Taking in the real like eagle flying overhead in the pre-game entertainment, including dancing girls, we were ready for the match.

A nothing game for a depleted West Coast Eagles, I almost felt sorry for how woeful they were! The Hawks powered ahead early, with Buddy and Willo, and new found gun forward Campbell Brown, unleashing goals willy nilly! Four for Buddy in the end, he ended the game on 98 goals for the year - would have been great to see him kick 100 in front of his home state...but not to be.

More drinks at the pub after the match to celebrate the hefty win, and dinner at Chutney Mary's, we eventually made it back into town, and then taxied to the airport for some waiting time in the Qantus Club - and then the red eye home.

Tired, and experiencing some leg swelling, it's recovery time this week, leading up to the last match of the Home and Away season.

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