Sunday, August 03, 2008

Men's Group and Get Back to The Basics

My commitment to MIFF, with the mini-pass, has allowed me to maintain some saneness with the craziness of the end of the month at work, and also with an increase in the leg symptoms of my DVT, by having films locked in, that I must rush off to! Has been a great ploy in the attempt at bring back a much sought after work-life balance within my own return to work!

Thursday night I abandoned the overwhelming amount of work I have to do, to rush over to ACMI for Men's Group. Introduced by the producer, and told that several of the actors were in the audience, the film is a look at the Aussie man's mental health, and challenges with communicating their feelings and issues. Having read, also, that the actors played to some improvisation by not knowing each others key plot character features, this film sparked my interest.

Issues such as grief, relationship breakdown, fatherhood, and loneliness were all fleshed out by the group of men gathered in a lounge room once a week to talk - but rarely were they able to discuss these issues in this fostered forum. So frustrating, and heartbreaking, the very real portrayal of the difficulties of men and their mental health. Such a powerful movie, and a very full-on experience of life and it's troubles.

I missed the Q&A after this movie, cos I needed to hot-foot it over a few blocks to Coverlid Place and Roxanne's Palour to see The Basics! Walking down the little tiny alleyways of Melbourne city was certainly unnerving, but I eventually found the venue, tucked up on level three of a dodgy looking complex!

The Basics were actually support to another act that night, and so on the elevator ride up to the venue, there was a clash of worlds, with young scantily clad blondes in a flutter about the main act, and the mid-twenties and on age group awaiting the gig to re-launch Get Back, the first The Basics' album from 2002.

Dressed in their signature suits, Wally on drums, and Tim and Kris on lead and bass guitar, The Basics played the tunes that started them out, and also told of tales of that time. A solo Wally doing I Don't Need Another was certainly a highlight, the set was rounded with a very cool cover of The Police's Roxanne, The Basics impressed again.

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