Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Another (Birth)Day

Yesterday I was taken out to dinner to mark today's birthday by Mum and Katrina, who come down from Ballarat. We went across to Mosskito - and they still serve the biggest meals in Melbourne! We then had coffee and dessert at Brunetti.

This morning, taking an annual leave day, I trammed down to St Kilda, and met Nikki for brunch before heading to Aurora Spa Retreat for my birthday present to myself.

A tranquil little world above The Prince, I was lead to the lounge for tea and some time to chill before my Yoongoo Signature Wrap. This was a mud treatment, with jets of water, and then about pressure points....was amazing! Having to talk through the stability of my DVT, it was relaxing and so great for my skin. And no dramas for the leg. In fact, was meant to be very good for circulation. Felt so relaxed, and have soft baby like skin now!

Another visit to the lounge for more tea, and hydration after all that hot water and steam, I was then led to a reclining chair for an Express Facial, which again was so relaxing and great for my skin. Hopefully took a few years off, while it was at it! I was taken care of by Cathy, and it was all such a lovely experience.

After popping home for a bit, I then went down to the Little Creatures Dining Hall where I was joined by Michelle and Nicole, and then Stacey and Andrew for a 'pony' sized pale ale.

Luke was also in town, and managed to come in for a drink and join us for dinner, which was exciting cos I hadn't seen him for years let alone in Australia!

Andrea made the trip down from Ballarat, and Melissa and Jenny and Mary also joined me for dinner and a second (and perhaps over my alcohol limit) bright ale.

What a great day!

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  1. Hi there! Visiting from WTBAY. Great to see you've got the button & a BIG HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU for last Monday. So nice when you are able to celebrate with family! Hope you have a great weekend :)


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