Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The Fanatics: Everything To Dislike About The Aussie Male, Rolled Into One

Having traveled to several countries to follow an Aussie team in cricket, or tennis, and also watching it at home in Australia, my distaste for The Fanatics grows and grows. This article today, about them in India is such an embarrassment.

I guess I am certainly biased, since being part of Waving The Flag, where you travel with a group of people keen on cricket, having fun and a laugh, and experiencing the culture and highlights of a new country. The research and planning put into Luke's tour, and also the interest in things like the Chicks On Tour and the McGrath Foundation, and probably the fact that it is a female and independent traveler friendly tour group, makes for a great trip.

But standing in line to check into a flight with hungover/still drunk, loud, rude Aussie lads, big-talking themselves about their conquests the night before it just gross. And that's The Fanatics tour. Noticing their marked absence at days of The Ashes in 2006, on days of actual cricket, gives the message that they are not there for the sport. Their agenda is not about that, or sportsmanship, or exploring the new places they are in - backs turned to the cricket and getting drunk is their usual stance...and they could do that at home!

Don't get me wrong - there is drunkiness with The Flag...but no arrests! No major disgraces (all behaviour fit for a laugh, but nothing out of line). And usually the alcohol consumption is steady until the silly session after Tea.

Jessie was approached in Barbados by a Fanatic, asking about The Leader of Waving The Flag, and whether we were all instructed to act like him! How funny! Our tour got more out of the Soca song Follow The Leader after that!

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