Sunday, October 26, 2008


Jenny called me during the week to check what I was up to today, and whether I would like to join her and Mary for a play, for Mary's birthday. Jen said that she would get me a ticket for my birthday, and then convinced me with the promise of full frontal nudity in the play - terrible!

So today she came and picked me up, and the three of us had nibbles while they toasted Mary and my birthday with champagne, before we found our seats in Fairfax Studio. The play, Appetite, was playing as part of the Melbourne International Arts Festival.

Starring Catherine McClements, who I am also watching on Rush at the moment, and featuring the music of New Buffalo, the play is about a successful woman reaching her 39th birthday, and reflecting on her life, it's meaning and quality. Quite timely, given my thoughts on my own pending anniversary!

Sadly, New Buffalo is unwell and thus, unable to perform live for the season, which she was supposed to do. Her presence would have added something to the play. Instead, the recordings of rehearsals were used, including I'm The Drunk And You're The Star. Her music throughout was great.

The plot was quite depressing, with reflections on relationships, and puns on gender roles, whilst the main character attempted to serve 39 dishes for her 39 years to her dinner guests. The highlights in the play for me were the surrealism pauses when all the other players froze whilst the main character moved through the scene reflecting on the people in her life, and the state of her world.

We finished the day with cake and coffee at Tin Pot Cafe. Thanks Jenny, and Happy Birthday mary for the week just gone.

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