Saturday, October 25, 2008

Crowded House Karaoke with The Basics

Last night after work, I took the usual tram towards home, and met Nicole and Mary at my local, The Empress. We had dinner, a yummy parma, and listened as The Basics went through some rehearsal for their gig.

The night's concept was for karaoke sign ups for Crowded House songs, with The Basics as your backing band. A pretty cool merge of the two bands. The band opened with Weather With You, with Wally on drums as usual and Kris hidden in the 'pit', before a couple of people were up giving their rendition of a Crowdies song. Well known numbers were on the list to pick from, favourites like Better Be Home Soon, and Fall At Your Feet and Don't Dream It's Over were all given a go. A seemingly obvious plant from the crowd, Ebony joined the band for Into Temptation, and she was awesome...a much needed break ensued to ensure people would still be brave enough to get up!

During the break Dave from the band convinced Nicole, our Crowded House expert and top fan, to sign up for a song, and she got up for Mean To Me. A disclaimer at intro about the song not being about her, the opening line 'She came all the way from America' in her American accent got a laugh, as she warmed up into the song - she was great!

Finally, after our posse's contribution, songs were doubled up in the evening which lead to a full pub singalong to the much loved tracks, which was awesome. The Basics did Not The Girl You Think You Are, with Kris' voice giving the lyrics it's edge.

Great night, and such a fun idea. Nicole even chatted to Wally, who complimented her on her performance...there you go!

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