Sunday, December 14, 2008


I went down to Nova this evening, and saw Australia. Seeing and hearing and reading reviews about this movie for months and months, I was very keen to see it on the big screen.

When I arrived, buoyed about going to the movies on my own by a reference in one of the copious Sex and The City episodes I have been consuming on our newly installed Foxtel at home, I was greeted by the five other people in the cinema. Literally! I walked in as they were all talking about coming to the cinema alone, and we all introduced ourselves, and chatted 'til the screening started. Very random!

After the flurry of advertisements for all things Down Under, the movie epic starts. Which has also been labelled a major ad for the country overseas...and the cinematography takes in the breathtaking magic of the outback. The vision, the sweeping views, and the colours are amazing throughout.

Narrated by Nullah, the "creamy" boy connected to Faraway Downs, he pulls you in with stories of the Aboriginal experience and a little white settlement history lesson. The boy is one of the highlights of the story, with those beautiful brown eyes, and spirit.

Nicole Kidman, playing Lady Sarah Ashley, is a British aristocrat who travels out to the lucky country - with Prada luggage and a bad accent. Her over acting is cringe-worthy throughout. Nicole's wardrobe is her saving grace. Great dresses! If '2009 Husband Find' works out for me, I think I have just found bridesmaid dresses!

The shining light is Hugh Jackman. He is heart-racingly ripped, with the first highlight being a shower from a bucket in the outback. Hugh is striking, strong, and dreamy! The romance works, too. So you'll need tissues, not for tears, but for the drool for Hugh!

With cheesy uses of the phases 'crickey' and other Aussie-isms, I can't believe I last through the three hours without crackers. Pretty, and Hugh - mmmmmm. But really - too long (I feared a new DVT sitting there so long!). The war, and the battle for the black man in White Australia were all over done. Although the reminder of the Australian new government's Sorry in the credits was a powerful blow.

The telling of Dreamtime was well done. The music was also amazing...although you are left to wonder why, after Baz used every Australian actor you can think of (Ben Mendleson was very good), he then used Elton John for the closing song....

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