Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Melissa's Cricket Birthday and the Aussie Demise

Day 4 was Melissa's birthday, making drinking at the cricket all the more concentrated! Katie come down from Ballarat for her cricket debut, and we joined the Flaggers up in Q22 for the day of drinking and cricket watching.

Only a slightly better day for the Aussie's than the previous one, explaining what was going on out in the middle to Katie lacked it's usual Aussie optimism. Preparing Katie for standing up and clapping a potential century from the Aussie captain clearly did him no favours, out on 99.

Mid strength beer and then a lemonade supplement saw us through the day, before we walked down to Brunswick Street at the end of play to Little Creatures to meet up with non-cricket and cricket mates alike to mark Melissa's birthday.

Yesterday we joined Jim in his corporate box, for full strength beer for the 153 runs the South Africans needed to end the Aussie domination of cricket.

Bumble, Springer, Melissa, Monisha and I entertained Jim's client group with stories of travel and cricket, while we saw those runs scored almost without challenge.

1 comment:

  1. Aussie demise is the right way to put it. Can't believe they played the way they did. Sigh!!!


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