Sunday, December 28, 2008

Boxing Day in Melbourne

The day finally arrived, the day of the Boxing Day test in Melbourne, the most anticipated day of the year...and the day I could return to drinking, after six long months.

I joined Melissa and Todd and Rick, and Monisha, after walking around the ground from the Member's stand. Day 1 saw Ricky Ponting make a much needed 101, before the Waving The Flag crew headed to the Kingston in Richmond for beers, and catch up over tours past.

Great beer garden, sadly as this place filled up service dropped away, and the wait at the bar for a drink became too long. Joined by Nick and Paul, we walked to the, with a beer stop at The Vine, for a pub meal, before calling it a night. Top parmas!

Making my way around to the group, over by over on Day 2, I happened to stop at our hallowed M8 to see Clarke make his 50, before reaching Q22 with the rest of the group.

Chick Pink day, the Flag girls were adorned in their pink tour shirts, and Sparrow sported his new shirt for the traditional day.

Bumble and I found ourselves in Jim's corporate box just after tea, with free beer and lots of mucking about, before being hurried along at the end of the day. Running into Damien Fleming and Darren Lehman on the way out of the ground, we also found Meggsy, before getting across to Bridie O'Reillys for many more drinks, dinner, and dancing to the cover band.

Today there had been a collective notion of having a rest day from drinking...which was a gross error given the pace and result of today's play. In what looked like a couple of wickets and then Australia will be batting when I left the house, the South African tail wagged and wagged and wagged!

A quiet beer after play at the London Tavern for Bumbles, Monisha, Amanda and Springer, Melissa and I. Trading the Flaggy Green for the Baggy Red, we all seem to be entering every competition out there to get us to the Ashes next year!

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