Monday, December 01, 2008

Nicole's Inaugural Aussie Thanksgiving

Nicole has been in Australia permanently for three years now, and I finally convinced her this year to put on a traditional Thanksgiving Dinner.

Michelle picked me up last yesterday afternoon, and we headed over to Nicole's, where she had been preparing for dinner for some time! The table was all set, and Ruth and Danny arrived, and then dinner was served!

To start we had bread rolls, and a walnut and pear salad. Yum! Caramelised walnuts, and perfect, sweet pears. As part of the Thanksgiving tradition, we each told the gathering what we were thankful for, before tucking in. With champagne to help wash it all down!

Main was turkey, of course, and homemade stuffing, mashed potatoes and beans. Amazing.

Next up was the highly anticipated pumpkin pie, made from scratch. Sweet in a cinnamon and nutmeg kinda way. Delicious!

Surely the start of a tradition away from her US home, it was lovely to be part of an occasion to mark Nicole's holiday for her in an Aussie setting. Happy Thanksgiving!

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