Saturday, January 17, 2009

Eurotrash and Collins Quarter

Last night as part of Project 2009, Eurotrash was drawn. Dan and Mary and I, and Sandra and Mark, trammed down to the Paris end of the city, and found Corrs Lane.

Totally empty upon arrival, I ordered tequila for birthday boy Dan, before Jenny and Caroline, and then Rick arrived. Time for a pint and a peek at this tucked away bar, as Mary and Leanne joined us. With limited numbers, we didn't get to explore the full spread of the place, with a downstairs for dancing, and reported upstairs stairway lounges.

Moving on, we headed to Collins Quarter, which was packed with suits, lads, and drinkers. Here we settled in to the courtyard for some concentrated pints and people watching. Great after work spot, and find for us!

Splitting up the group, Dan and I wandered past the Long Room, and having not been inside, popped in for a beer. Fairly empty by this stage of the night, it was all dark and full of pretension. A stop for food after our pint, we then headed to Riverland, with Dan seeing in his birthday to the sky and river of Melbourne.

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