Saturday, January 31, 2009

Paris Cat and the Toff

After a week of hiding out in the office as much as possible, away from this record breaking, never-ending heatwave, I was hanging for Friday night drinks. As we polished off a few starters in the tea room at work, the news was that the temperature had finally dropped 10C...

Having drawn out a late night bar for Project 2009 this week, we first ventured out for happy hour at if, downstairs and next door to work.

Approaching 8pm, and finishing off our beers, Bec, Alissa and Michelle made their way to eat, while Bree, Dan, and I were met by Laura, before we all meet up again to go to Paris Cat.

Empty when we went in, the little jazz bar is cute, but perhaps not a drinking and meeting people place. Music starts at 9.30pm, and after a round of drinks we were asked for the cover charge! The band warming up let out a piecing feedback...and we were out of there.

Walking up to Swanston Street, we took to the lift to the second floor at the Curtain Building, to the Toff in Town. Having been here for a gig last year, this little venue is a great place for music, as well as drinks. The band room was an open space with tables, and the other side had intimate booths.

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