Saturday, January 24, 2009

Gin Palace

Last night week 3 of Project 2009 took us to Gin Palace, after work drinks. Mixed reviews from people who had been before and also on the net for this place, it was a new find for me. Our work group of Nikki, Kylee, Bec, Alissa, Michelle, Mary and Simon trammed down Bourke Street again from work, to find this little place off Russell Place, marked with a cursive GP above the door.

Walking in, it's very dark as we found our way to a gathering of old mismatched and gorgeous couches. Inside Jules and Leanne were there, who were joined by Jenny and Kate.

Stacey and Andrew soon joined the crew, with our posse for the Project spread over two groups of couches. The venue is small, and quite, so plenty of chances for chatting, and actually hearing each other. Not really a place to mingle, but it worked well with our groups.

Kylee and I set about choosing a cocktail from the menu. The barstaff are friendly and engaging, as I ordered a cocktail called Suffering Bastard! When our drinks were brought out to our group, the barman asked "who's the bastard?!", and then "who's the lemon tart?" for Kylee. Hee hee. When Kate ordered Another Bartender from the cocktail menu, she was told she was stuck with him for the night! Cute!

Strong, expensive cocktails here with quirky names, the Bastard had Appleton rum, so all good! Back to beer after for me, with a wide range of Aussie and imported bottled beers.

Jenny, Kate, Leanne and I headed out around the corner to Red Violin afterwards, for more funky chairs and another round of drinks, before moving along to The Carlton, a noisy, busy place. Standing on the balcony in the balmy Melbourne night was very nice, after a hot, hot week.

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