Monday, January 05, 2009

Sydney's Pink Test

After recovering from my first hangover for six months, I managed to drag myself out to the airport on Friday morning, to jump on a flight up to Sydney. Lovely Leilah picked me up, and so I got to catch up with her and Vincent for the afternoon, before heading into town and meet Melissa at our hotel.

A byproduct of her work in the travel industry, we had a free night at the Radisson Plaza Hotel that night, the same hotel as the South African cricket team. After listening to their lekka accents as they finished up their team meeting, which just happened to be on our floor, Melissa and I caught a ferry and then a bus out to Watson's Bay for dinner. The view of the sunset behind the city skyline was ruined by overcast weather, but we enjoyed the city lights come to life across the water.

A full buffet breakfast after the most amazing sleep, we were all set for Day 1 of the Third Test, at the SCG. Whilst being a dead rubber, given South Africa's series win in Melbourne for the 3 test series, this match was given a bit of hype with the inclusion of two new Aussie players to the side, and the declaration of it's pinkness!

The Sydney Test has been made pink, with the crowd encouraged to wear pink, and the players having pink accessories within their uniform, to commemorate the McGrath Foundation, and it's great work. A way to raise funds to emply breast care nurses around the country, and to raise awareness, marking Jane McGrath's battle and legacy.

Melissa and I met Sparrow at the gate, to join the Waving The Flag crew at the ground, and settled in for a day of cricket. Being Bumbles birthday, we all headed out to the Clock for drinks after play.

A night in the Cross for Melissa and I, being at the Bayview Boulevard, before checking out and having brunch in Oxford Street on the way to the cricket for Day 2. Day 2 being the usual chick pink day for the Flaggers, the ground was filled with pink.

Expecting a quick end to the Australian innings as we took our seats, we watched a great partnership between Clarke and Johnson, with them scoring 138 and 64 respectively.

Basking in the sunshine for half of the day, our section was relieved with shade for the commencement of the South African innings. Drinks at the London, before Melissa and I taxied out to the airport for the last flight out and home.

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