Saturday, January 14, 2012

Melancholia and Ides of March

Last Saturday I spend the day in the cinema at Nova in Carlton, soaking in some pre-Oscar period movies. I also managed to see one of the MIFF movies I missed back in July, which was my favourite of my movie double day.

Melancholia is visually stunning, and a movie that gives you a glimpse and a feel for depression (Part 1) and anxiety (Part 2). Most of it is filmed by hand-held cameras, giving you a giddy feeling, and a headache at the end. A full biopsychosocial experience! It takes a lot of a film to make you feel the emotions of it's characters fully, but this pulls you in, and leaves you in a total psychological funk! Powerful cinema!

Kirsten Dunst is brilliant, and portrays a person moving through life with the weight of depression beautifully. Part 1 is her wedding, and one of the most lavish and gorgeous weddings...but her depression just won't play ball with everyone wanting her to be happy. It just doesn't work like that!

In Part 2, Kiefer Sullivan shines, as his wife, and Kirsten's character's sister, moves through the anxiety of pending doom - an approaching planet on track to maybe hit Earth. The visuals of this planet are amazing, and totally drawing...but the panic and anxiety of sister Claire is infectious. So well done.

The draw of this very visually pulling planet is contrast by the fear of Claire, and then when husband John makes his admission and acts upon his fear, the film is gripping. Kirsten's depressed Justine is seemingly unaffected, as depression burdens.

A great film. And as someone who works in mental health, such a strong and emotive portrayal.

My second movie was one of the George Clooney films that are currently on our screens - the political Ides of March, with Ryan Gosling. With the campaigning happening in the US right now, this movie highlighted to me that I have no clue about American politics!

A young main staffer on a presidential candidate's team moving into the primaries. The twists and turns of dirty politics, and of trying to uphold ethics in a world of saving face, political strategy, and dark secrets.

Clooney as Director allows his candidate character to preach some inspired stances and political platforms, which were to my liking! Love Clooney!

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  1. I saw The Ides of March a few weeks ago and really enjoyed it. Although I realised about 20 minutes into it that Ryan Gosling really looks like my best friend from high school's husband. So that kind of ruined the shirtless Ryan Gosling moments in the movie. Sad, really! ;)

    I haven't seen Melancholia - I'll have to put it on my To Watch list!


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