Sunday, January 29, 2012

Seventh Blogiversary

I have been blogging for seven years now. 7! Wow. This post is my 770th, which is a long way from my first posts as I set off to the UK for my "Working Holiday".

Having this blog has allowed me to record and share many of my travel experiences, stories and photos, and has enabled me to have a living breathing record of these times. Plus it has allowed me to track all the great things I do at home, and also lets me write in a non-clinical fashion, after being bogged in injury-talk and reports at work.

I have actually just written, and had published, 2 articles over on the travel blog called Travel With A Mate. The first timed in for the beginning of the Australian Open, talking about Seeking Grand Slam Tennis Internationally, and then my tale of diagnosis and warning about my DVT, called Deep Vein Thrombosis: Scary and (mostly) Preventable.

I have now also created a Facebook page for the blog, so you can be aware of new posts when they are published from that feed.

My last couple of NaBloPoMo months has pulled in some traffic, which has been delightful, to know this little page is being read. Watching some posts of late become some of my most read has been really rewarding. Hopefully I can keep this type of readership up, with some travel plans in the next 12 months shaping up.

Thanks for reading for the last seven years!

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