Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Roadtrip to Radelaide: Warrnambool to Adelaide

Waking in Warrnambool, we four Sheilas soon hit the road again to continue our roadtrip to Radelaide. We had breakfast before driving out of town west, in the sunny and hot, perfect sunny day.

We checked out the pretty colonial buildings of Port Fairy, before reaching Portland. Here we took a mini-stop, and explored the Cape Nelson Lighthouse on the waters edge.

Back onto Highway 1, we drove inland a little as we headed to and crossed over the border to South Australian. Mt Gambier was upon us before we really knew it, and lunchtime coincided perfectly.

A pub lunch at The 'G, and a couple of beers for the non-driving Sheilas, we also stopped off to see the Blue Lake. Telling the Sheilas about the colour changing lake, I don't think they really believed me until they saw the absolutely brilliant blue water below us in the extinct volcanic crater.

This lake is the town's water, and changes to this blue in November and gradually fades across Summer back to a grey-brown by around March. For this sunny, hot day for us it was gorgeous.

Further down the road, we reached the coast of SA, and Kingston SE. Here we acquired an onsite cabin at the caravan park, and walked down to the beach to dip our toes in the ocean.

The sunset here was amazing, and our blender party for the night was pretty great too! Luckily Jess had carted it across the country for the roadtrip!

Our last day of our roadtrip had us wind through to McLaren Vale for lunch and a winery stop, before reaching our destination of Adelaide. Taking the time to get across, and having a chance for the 4 of us to have some fun along the way in some new places was such a great idea!

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