Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Sydney Resolution

Plans for this NYE shaped up when Jenny and I spotted that Jamiroquai were playing in Sydney to see in the New Year. I met Belinda at the airport on Friday night, and we both flew to Sydney where Jenny and I then made our way to Casa Wilson, to stay for the weekend. (Thank you, Wilsons!)

After having brunch with Amy at the local Sideways Cafe, Jenny and I then met Belinda and we traveled into the city, and made our way to the ferry dock to take us across to Glebe Island. Here we met up with Wizden, which was a total surprise, before we landed on the make-shift music festival area with the view of the Sydney Harbour Bride. As promised! Sydney Resolution kicked off for us as Pseudo Echo were finishing their set with Funky Town.

With the sun beating down, we grabbed some drinks and then grabbed a spot in the shade in front of the VIP area while Guy Sebastian gave us his set of the day. Monisha came and found us at this point, which expanded our group for the evening.

Next on stage were the Pet Shop Boys. Surely a must see live band, they were so great! It was certainly a bit strange to have them play whilst it was still daylight, as their visuals were a feature of their set, and also considering their heavy dance vibe. This enduring electro-pop duo pulled out all the punches for the crowd, and were a highlight of the night.

Hugh dance tracks of Always On My Mind and Go West were full of energy, the latter with Soviet marching images beamed across the screens. It's A Sin was in there, with so many tracks impressing with the stage choreography. Ending with West End Girls in the second encore.

We grabbed something to eat after this set, as the sun was setting behind the ANZAC Bridge. Taking in the location, this little non-island tucked around the corner from the Harbour is such a great spot for a gig like this! It was glorious in the sunshine!

Whilst the footage of the crowd for the show up on the screens made it look like there was a large crowd, in reality the front section looked packed, but the general admission section was fairly sparse. Disappointing, given the lineup and location, but probably because of the late promotion of the event. Was great for us though, as it meant minimal line ups for the bar, and only an occasional line for the portaloos.

We made it back to the front of the VIP area for the 9pm family fireworks, moving to the left of the stage to get a great view of the fire sparks popping over the Sydney Harbour Bridge. This location allowed for a full view of the fireworks across the city.

Back to standing in front of the stage area, we were ready for Jay K and Jamiroquai. Opening with the title track of the new album, Rock Dust Light Star, the band moved through tracks from their 7 album span. Alright, Canned Heat and Virtual Insanity were big numbers, as album tracks like High Times and Traveling Without Moving also featured. You Give Me Something, Little L, and Love Foolosophy each had us dancing...the handful of people around us who were really into it. Jay K was chatty and talked about being in Australia, being single and having his birthday the day before.

The Jamiroquai set was scheduled to midnight, and thus Jay K hosted a bit of a countdown....but being on the Harbour the crowd interest soon diverted to the biggest fireworks display to see in the new year, moving to either side of the stage to get a live view. Jay K's set just kind of ended, as the 12 minutes of colour and light happened across the city and bridge in front of us.

The final band for this massive night of live music was Culture Club, with Boy George being a totally memorising and engaging presence on stage. Playing a few songs, they also gave us It's A Miracle and Do You Really Want To Hurt Me, before the massive Karma Chameleon.

We joined the line for the ferry whilst the remainder of the set played, and ended, to top off a huge day and night of music, dancing, sunshine and fireworks, and a New Years Eve to remember. Happy New Year!

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