Saturday, February 25, 2012

Cockatoo Island and the Island Bar

Last Sunday in Sydney was a glorious sunny day, perfect for a Sunday Session overlooking the Harbour. Some research by Jessie found the Island Bar, located out on Cockatoo Island.

So after a touristy brunch along Darling Harbour, we caught a ferry out to the island, and walked through the buildings and sites showing the history of the convict prison and working shipping docks of the island. Once back to the city side of the island, we spotted Belinda arriving from a ferry from the rocks above, and so we headed to the Island Bar as it was opening at 12.30pm.

The 7 of us took a table in the shade, and we looked out to the Harbour with the Sydney Harbour Bridge and Sydney skyline laid out in front of us. With sailboats gliding around in the water, and the bar filling, this place is gorgeous!

As the rest of the crew needed to make the dash to the airport for an earlier flight, B and I took up a couple of deckchairs under an umbrella and savoured the view, the sunshine and this amazing spot for a drink for the rest of the afternoon.


  1. Hey! Why not link up this post to my Aussie Islands Blog Hop??

    1. Have done, thanks!
      What a great post idea, and loads of great islands listed there -


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