Thursday, February 02, 2012

Radelaide Test '12

The Adelaide test match every summer is always an amazing trip, probably due to the fact that so many interstate cricket fans converge on the City of Churches for a crazy week away. It's a great catch up test, with so many of the crew from Waving The Flag and it's many past tours running amuck!

Being our destination for our roadtrip, we were well warmed up to check into Sheila HQ, at the Oaks Embassy on North Terrace. Jess, B and I went to get supplies on the first night, and in the heat and the blocks of walking required, sampled a few pubs and beers, between our grocery shopping. Having our shopping trolley nicked when we were in having a beer meant we needed a taxi for the last leg...oops!

Day 1 at the beautiful Adelaide Oval had us parked on the Clem Hill, in the shade for the first session. One of the world's pretty venues to watch cricket, this test may indeed have been the last year the Oval will get this title, with major redevelopment ahead for the ground to transform it back into an AFL venue. Shame.

Taking advantage of Member's Tickets for the middle session, B, Jess and I fled from the sun and heat, and took shelter behind the stands at the Pimm's tent area. Watching the middle order continue some great form for the Summer, Punter and Clarke finished the day seeking 150s each, and we headed for a night of drinking at the Queen's Head in North Adelaide.

Chick Pink Day on Day 2 saw the Hill peppered with Flagger Sheilas in their shirts, and allowed us to see Aussie Captain and former Captain clock 150 and then 200 each, in two stellar innings.

Having stood for both double centuries, with Lunch dividing them, we then once again sought the shade of the Member's and refreshing jugs of Pimm's. Radelaide is so hot, and last week was no exception! As the shade crept back over the Hill, we returned again for the last half of the final session as India was sent in to bat after an Aussie declaration at 7/604.

Australia Day fell on Day 3, and with a much bigger crowd, we have Kim to thank for ensuring we all had a little spot on the Hill for the day. We arrived just in time for the Indian anthem, being their Republic Day, and then the Australian anthem, before the start of play.

With the radio playing Triple J's Hottest 100 in my ear, 2 early wickets took away the option of it being Tendulkar's Day. Another very hot day, once the shade disappeared from our patch of grass I escaped to the shade of the Member's stand to see Kohli get his maiden century, Siddle bag a 5 wicket haul, and to hear two back-to-back Boy and Bear songs in the countdown. What a great day!

This night was the Blender Party back at Sheila HQ, and our little apartment was filled in ebbs and flows of people, as the blender produced technicolor alcoholic concoctions all night. With the tennis on the TV, and then final songs of the countdown, it was a big night as always.

So much so that I took a rest day for Day 4, and listened to bits and pieces on the radio, willing it not to end on the day I was incapacitated! I seem to always need a day off for a test match these days!

As luck would have it, Day 5 started with Australia needing just 4 wickets to claim the series against India in a whitewash. This too just under an hour, with 10,000 people there to watch the Aussie's affirm their return to form.

We ended the day with a tram trip down to Glenelg for celebration drinks and lunch at a pub along the beach. Radelaide put on the gorgeous weather for a walk down along the water, before we headed back into town. A great 5 days, as always, and a sensational 289 run victory for Australia.

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