Sunday, February 26, 2012

Death Cab for Cutie

Carl texted me some weeks ago asking about getting tickets to see Death Cab For Cutie for their second Melbourne gig, and although I have just one of their many albums, I am always up for being a gig buddy and discovering new music!

I met him and his mate Simon in Fed Square, before we walked down to the Carlton Club for drinks on their balcony, after a walk through the graffiti art on Hosier Lane. I also introduced Carlos to the institution that is dumplings in Chinatown in Melbourne, at Shanghai Dumplings. Always good!

We got to the Palace just as Dappled Cities had started, having seen them at Harvest and being keen to see them again live. They played a fun set of their indie rock, although didn't seen to quite capture the crowd as much as they did at Harvest from our vantage point.

Death Cab For Cutie arrived on stage without much fanfare, and launched into their set filled with songs from all seven albums, much to the delight of Carl!

Having a bra thrown at him as he started the second song of the evening, Gibbard was an engaging lead, chatting and held the crowd's attention throughout the evening. Switching between guitar and roaming around the front of the stage, to the commanding position behind the piano at the back of the stage, he led each song throughout the 2 hour set.

A long intro into I Will Possess Your Heart and the epic Transatlanticism at the end of the encore and night, were set highlights, and this performance and Carl's musical commentary, I will certainly have to check out more of their albums! It's pretty cool to see a band with someone who is so into them!

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