Thursday, February 23, 2012

Zumbo Treats

Over our weekend we set out to visit the Zumbo Patisserie a couple of times, to sample the much coveted treats of Adriano Zumbo. Having The Star within walking distance from our hotel made this all together possible!

Trying to ignore the fact that we were frequenting a casino, our first visit to the Cafe Court was like walking into a wonderland, with all the sparkle of the decor and the beautiful foods on display. Having lunch, we savoured the trip to the end of the Court, and to Zumbo, for last.

Peeking into the window at the desserts on display in the science-lab like pedestals, and then venturing inside to marvel at the "In Case Of Emergency Break Glass" cases of Zumborons in all their colour and flavour combinations was enough to make our little group of six "grown-ups" act like 5 year olds in a candy store. I mean, that's the point, right!?

While the others each deliberated over a super crazy dessert choice, my focus was on the Zumborons, as I had never had any before! Careful selections of flavours was needed, although at just $2.50 each I am sure I could have grabbed all I could carry! So reasonable!

On that first visit, as I watched the others struggle to consume such a massive sugar-hit in one sitting, I sampled the Watermelon with Orange ganache, and the Musk Stick Zumboron macarons.

Belinda and I returned on Sunday as I was preparing to dash to the airport and home, and I picked up a Raspberry Caramel and the Lime and Mint Mojito, and B added the Milo to the sampled selections. I haven't yet heard how the Milo was, but the Mojito was lovely and a very different confectionery treat flavour combination, but my favourite was the Musk Stick, which was a taste explosion just like it's namesake! Yum!

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