Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Cloud Gate

The Bean, otherwise known as Cloud Gate in Chicago, is this sparkling, sun-catching piece of art in Millennium Park, and the sole reason for my crazy stopover on the way back from my weekend trip to Memphis.

The taxi driver who dropped me back to the airport after my dash into town and back between my flights thought I was crazy, and funny. But hey, I wanted to see The Bean!

I have been to Chicago before, for a Winter weekend, back in 1999-2000, so I couldn't justify a whole weekend there on this Summer in Toronto time on a tight budget - but piecing together the possibility of a stopover for a few hours made a visit to marvel at this shiny beauty possible!

Chicago did not disappoint me either - the city put on great weather, with the right amount of clouds in the sky for just the right kind of reflections, and was also kind with the traffic in and out of the city from the airport. All good!


  1. You are a bit crazy but I understand. I would have done it too.

    1. Ha ha....yeah, it was totally worth it! Had to be done!


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