Saturday, August 18, 2012

Stunning Lake Louise

Lake Louise was my big motivator to travel across to Calgary and Banff whilst I was in Canada, after seeing photos a couple of years ago and not really believing my eyes. I think even standing on the shores of this magical lake of turquoise water still begged belief - so beautiful!

Just under an hours drive from Banff in our little convertible, the journey was filled with spectacular mountain views, glimpses of snow caps even in the middle of Summer, and fun tunes.

Walking down the trail to the lake from the carpark, the first twinkle of water from the sun's reflection is breathtaking - the colour is just amazing! Surrounded by forest and of the most beautiful places I have been to!

We each dipped our toes into the water at one point, and despite the heat in the sun above, it was unbelievably icy!

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